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Q & A with Jeff

How Long Have You Been DJing? I have been DJing since 1999. It was a very small graduation party. It was a great memory for me because that was the night I noticed I was applying what I learned from acting to DJing. I was reading the crowd and reacting as you would playing off of a crowd when your acting.

What Music are you listening to? I have a really broad taste in music (laughs) I have some Michael Buble’, Adelle, Skrillex, Shinedown. I also have a nice little playlist with a mix of Al Green & Marvin Gaye. Classic rockers are great too…like Ac/Dc, Guns & Roses, Bon Jovi. I love it all really.

What Is Your Favorite Go To Wedding Song? I feel that’s what makes us so unique. We don’t cater to stereotypes, or play the same stuff we did last wedding. We try to give each client a new experience. So my honest go to wedding songs change from event to event. really just depends on the playlist i setup with my clients.

Before We End, Is There Any Advice For New Brides Planning There Wedding? I would just say don’t settle. There are a ton of DJ’s out there, but when you meet the one you want for your event, book him/her.

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Jeff Vance (Owner/ DJ ) -228-382-6762

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