you are not hiring a dj.
your booking the entertainment for your wedding. your birthday. your anniversary. its not just another event for you and we get that.
about us
A little bit of background on our awesome company.

Over 10 Years ago, the idea was simple. Create a custom, built-from-scratch DJ company to give the Gulf Coast a breath of fresh air. That was it. Over 70 reviews and 4 awards later I realize that not only were we loved but we are in demand! so we have got BIGGER with 4 amazing DJ's, we have got LOUDER with the latest in technology in speaker reinforcement, and always stay TRUE to our message and remain The Most Loved DJ Company on The Gulf Coast and that is just scratching the surface! - Jeff Vance (CEO)

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Jeff was a picture perfect wedding DJ. From his attire the day of to his equipment, he was a true professional. After losing my original wedding DJ because of a change of wedding date and venue, I attempted to contact many DJ's. Jeff was, by far, the most responsive and his phone manner put me at ease. I was a picky bride as far as music selection, as a party atmosphere was a top priority for my wedding. I'm first generation latina-American, but my husband is Caucasian. I wanted a good mix of salsa, top 40, old school rap, and Spanish rap to make sure all my guests would get on the dance floor. Let's just say my dance floor was packed all night long. Thanks Jeff for keeping me on schedule and getting the party started!!!